The HOUSTON BLACK BOOK OF LUXURY is our city’s ultra-luxury Shopping, Dining, and Service guide, showcasing the very best of Houston and The Woodlands under select categories.

TRAVELERS REACH: The HBBL is made available to 25+ million travelers  (as of 2022) with an ongoing average growth of 1 million annually since 2016.  Houston and The Woodlands are prime destinations for tourism, business, shopping, and relocating, as well as for visitors to the largest Medical Center in the world.

Fact: Travelers spend 30% more than locals on shopping, dining, and entertainment. Our platforms reach many travelers prior to their arrival in Houston.

LOCAL REACH: The HBBL is also available to subscribed local private individuals and participating luxury businesses.

Select businesses (Blue Diamond Business Members) now have the opportunity to reach an affluent audience through this private, exclusive concierge platform. Premium placement opportunities are available (while supplies last). First-come, first-served opportunity.

Participating businesses are updated daily.